How to Successfully Install OpenCV in Nuke

Hi! Do you have difficulty installing openCV on nuke? There are several ways that you can try, I did this again when the Nuke version was updated to Nuke15.0v2. It can be hard to try ‘Auto Recommendation for CopyCat‘ if you are unable to install it. When you have difficulty installing openCV on Nuke A … Read more

Nuke ‘’, ‘’ installation

Want to script your own nodes, toolbars, and general settings in Nuke? The first step to onboard customization using Python scripting is to create Nuke ‘’ and ‘’ files in your directory location. How and where do I create Nuke ‘’ and ‘’ files? 1. Please find your default folder location .nuke default folder location … Read more

Nuke Copycat: automatic frame recommendation for CopyCat

How do you select the frames before using Nuke Copycat? I recently made an automatic frame recommendation system using OpenCV in Nuke. You can easily download at the end of this page. Nuke Copycat Auto frame? How does it work? It is possible to determine which frames should be rotoscoped before training Copycat by using … Read more