[App Development Journal] Day 25: Managing Flutter local data

Managing Flutter local data Day 25 of non-major app development. Currently, the desired feature in the project is working (searching and saving the results). However, the data disappears when the app is restarted or when switching from one tab to another and back to the list. Today, I learned how to save data in the … Read more

[App development Journal] Day 24: Absolute positioning of the Flutter UI

Let’s learn about Flutter UI absolute positioning When I tried to type on the keyboard in Flutter, the predefined UI would move up. To avoid this, I fixed the UI to an absolute position. Daily Todos​ Why use a SingleChildScrollView? Today we’re going to talk about the SingleChildScrollView, also known as the magic scroll. The … Read more

How to Successfully Install OpenCV in Nuke

Hi! Do you have difficulty installing openCV on nuke? There are several ways that you can try, I did this again when the Nuke version was updated to Nuke15.0v2. It can be hard to try ‘Auto Recommendation for CopyCat‘ if you are unable to install it. When you have difficulty installing openCV on Nuke A … Read more

Simple Auto-Shuffle in Nuke

Hi, it’s Gabrielle. I want to introduce Simple Auto-Shuffle for this post. In the dynamic world of VFX and compositing, efficiency is paramount. Dealing with multiple passes and layers can often become a tedious task. When you’re dealing with a lot of AOV (Arbitrary Output Variables) layers in Nuke, it can be quite time-consuming to … Read more

What are AOV layers?

What are AOV layers? When do you use the AOV layer file? How can I check the file has multiple layers easily in Nuke? How do I separate a single pass on multiple layers (AOV layer) in Nuke? How to merge multiple layers into multiple layers(AOV layer) and render out? Hi, it’s Gabrielle. I want … Read more