Simple Auto-Shuffle in Nuke

Hi, it’s Gabrielle. I want to introduce Simple Auto-Shuffle for this post. In the dynamic world of VFX and compositing, efficiency is paramount. Dealing with multiple passes and layers can often become a tedious task. When you’re dealing with a lot of AOV (Arbitrary Output Variables) layers in Nuke, it can be quite time-consuming to shuffle each pass individually. Recognizing this, I’ve been on a journey to simplify this process for my fellow artists.

Today, I’m pleased to present a Python code snippet that aims to simplify this very process. It’s for those who, like me, are in desperate need of an auto-shuffle function tailored for AOV (multipass) layers.

Simple Auto-Shuffle in Nuke

What are AOV layers?

How do I use Simple Auto-Shuffle?

By clicking on the ‘Simple Auto-Shuffle’ tab in your Tools menu

How do I download and install the Simple Auto-Shuffle code?

1. Download the code

2. Create a ‘python’ folder under the “.nuke” folder

3. Add this code to your

import nuke

#Create your python folder inside of the .nuke folder

utilitiesMenu ='Nuke').addMenu('Utilities')
#You can set your own menu name for 'Utilities'

utilitiesMenu.addCommand("Simple Auto-Shuffle", 'nuke.load("")')

How to install and – Nuke ‘’, ‘’ installation

You can also set an “alt+q” shortcut for this function by adding this

utilitiesMenu.addCommand("Simple Auto-Shuffle", 'nuke.load("")', "alt+q")

What else pages I can reference/download?

Nukepedia – Shuffling Layers v1.0 by Simon Jokuschies

Auto-Shuffle Light AOVs by Travis Harvey

MultiChannelSplit_v03 v3.0 by Tejas Kantharia

I sincerely hope this streamlines your workflow and makes your compositing process a little easier and more efficient. Feedback is the backbone of improvement, so I urge you to let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Leave a comment below or email Your insights can help shape the next iteration. Stay creative, keep innovating and I look forward to our next interaction. See you next week, and happy composting!

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