How to Successfully Install OpenCV in Nuke

Hi! Do you have difficulty installing openCV on nuke?

There are several ways that you can try, I did this again when the Nuke version was updated to Nuke15.0v2.

It can be hard to try ‘Auto Recommendation for CopyCat‘ if you are unable to install it.

When you have difficulty installing openCV on Nuke

A few days ago, I had an error after upgrading to Nuke 15, and here’s how I solved it. It turned out that Python’s site-packages were specified in the wrong path, so it didn’t recognize cv2 and numpy. Please check these if you get an error message

01. error message <Nuke cmd window>

or have problems installing cv2 on Nuke.

02. import cv2 error message <Nuke Script Editor

1. Check your version

  1. Check your Python version
python --version

2. install the numpy version

  • In a cmd window, type pip install numpy==1.22.4 to install version 1.22.4.

3. Upgrade Nvidia Cuda (Not directly related)

  • In my case, it asked me to upgrade NVIDIA when nuking, so I entered NVIDIA Geoforce and installed the driver and the error message disappeared.

2. Check the file path

4. C:\Program Files\Nuke15.0v2\pythonextensions\site-packages

folder must have the following folders to work normally.

(I had these folders in my personal path C:\Users\[MypersonalName]\Desktop\pythonProject3\Lib\site-packages)

Here is the zip file for the site-packages : Click to download (via Google drive)

Finally, you are all set to use openCV on Nuke!

Once you set this, you can check it’s now installed on Nuke like this below:

When I imported Numpy and cv2

By checking or upgrading your Python & numpy version, now you can use openCV script on Nuke.

Now that you have resolved the installation issues, you are ready to use openCV in Nuke. Remember, it’s important to check your Python version and upgrade numpy. Once installed correctly, you should be able to successfully import numpy and cv2 in Nuke. With these steps, you have enabled the seamless use of openCV scripts in Nuke. Congratulations on solving the problem! Now, you can fully explore the powerful capabilities of openCV in Nuke ✨

If you still have problem to install it, please email me or write comment :

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